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I found someone who dresses the same clothing with me.  These are the latest fad clothing.  I’m ashamed that I’m one of many people who wear the fashion on the contrary.  The only difference of us is the color of shoes.

This meat is a large sale now, but it was the shelf warmer a week ago.  The tip was that we’ve gotten a little creative with the display.  Customers, especially children judge stuff from their covers.

I feel comfortable with the green suit.  I tried to be a spiderman’s competition and I was willing to film a video, but I found that the the suit was very comfortable.  I didn’t tangle with his silk, but I’m stuck in it.

Our boss is very exacting.  We’re going to play piano duet in three days, but we can’t play well yet.  Our boss asked us to practice until we play well.  We insisted that we insured our fingers and they are bleeding, but he said that’s not a problem.

A: He said he loves potato flies in a show, actually he loves them. However, the show exaggerated the information and spread of rumors alone.  In the end the rumor was he can’t stop eating potato flies, the rumor was far from what he said, but he had to the rumor came true.

Pony: Fries, not flies. […] Do you know who that celebrity is?

A: No.

Pony: I will let you guess what he is famous for. It is not fries.

A: Is he a magician?

Pony: No. He is a war journalist. His name is Anderson Cooper, which sounds like two surnames stuck together. I have no idea why he’s wearing a french fry outfit.

A: McDonalds must be a sponsor.

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