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It’s burnt toast art.  I’ll tell you how to make it.  Put some bread in the toaster.  Bread should be covered where you don’t want to burn with aluminum foil.  The rest is to leave the job up to the toaster.

He was defrauded with humans’ children.  He was invited to go to a camp, they said that there was a nice bath which shaped like a pan.  He was looking forward to taking the bath, but it was a real pan.  They were intended to eat him with mayonnaise.

I like to eat papers.  I have a good sense of smell of paper, so I can find it.  Sniff sniff.  I’m feeling the smell from his ass, but I doubt that it’s possible that he’s holding some papers with his ass.

I have wanted to be held like a princess.  However, nobody has done it and I started giving up.  I thought it’s the last opportunity that my dream might come true, so I asked a stranger who looked tough  if he could do it.  He accepted my request and my dream came true!



the new non-binary petition is almost halfway there [VIBRATES EXCITEDLY]


Hey guys! At the current rate, we are only gaining about 1,000 signatures a day after the initial surge of signatures. At this rate, we are not going to be able to obtain the 49,000 signatures we need in the next three weeks or so. Please, please, please continue to reblog this whenever you can, and for god’s sake SIGN IT if you haven’t yet!

Hey people, this is a petition to get genders other than male or female recognized by the goverment. Please take the time to sign and reblog.

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